Getting to Big Bend

Big Bend is remote. Reeeemote (emphasis worthy remote). Six hours from El Paso and seven hours from Austin. We only learned of Big Bend through a Google search that went something like “best things to see in West Texas” – a pretty standard search that has thrown my Google news feed algorithm entirely out of… Continue reading Getting to Big Bend

Sea Life

One morning, after Hurricane Eta shifted direction, and the waves settled to their regular ocean wavey-ness, the stingray ray arrived. They’re as plentiful as midwestern squirrels and just as friendly. Stingrays are mostly solitary creatures, but this variety is like toddlers on a soccer field or middle schoolers at lunch. They bunch up and flap… Continue reading Sea Life

Kent, Connecticut

Halloween was our last full day in Kent and it started with getting a carwash. After a month of driving The Beast through several states and the twisting New England roads, she needed it. The nearest carwash was 30 minutes away, in New Milford, and it was trips like this that made me miss being… Continue reading Kent, Connecticut

Fishing with Slugs

When was the last time you read a book that you loved as a kid? Since we’re on the edge of the Catskills, I thought it would be fun to read one of my favorites, My Side of the Mountain. I dreamt of living on the land and at one point did run away from… Continue reading Fishing with Slugs

The Bass Note

Recently, my friend Omar asked me how we decided to do what we’re doing. Did we wake up one day and come to the conclusion that we should sell our house, pack our things, hit the road? Was it more than just a whim? If you know Omar, then you know this is a silly… Continue reading The Bass Note

When things are closed

We were at the Yale bookstore because we were on the hunt for a lobster roll, and Eleanor was hot. The day was warmer than we expected, and Eleanor was in long sleeves. Areas being closed by COVID stifled our stroll through the campus. The┬áRare Books Library. The not so rare books but the probably… Continue reading When things are closed

Midwest in the Rearview

That was easy, we said, pulling into Niagara falls nine hours after leaving Chicago. We’re going to be great at this. Our car packed better than I expected (a layer of Rubbermaids topped with duffles and baskets). The kids did great – watched shows, read, played games. And hey, that first day was pretty easy.… Continue reading Midwest in the Rearview

Staging Week

For the last week we’ve been in…Elmhurst, IL.!8 miles from home. We’re really doing this whole travel the country well so far. We’ve spent a a week figuring out what can be brought and what needs to be left behind was needed. We’ve also spent much of the week like this: Whoa boy, we’re going… Continue reading Staging Week

Goodbye, Hello

“We should see if we can sell our house,” we said. “Test the market,” we said – right before drum beat of Netflix. The girls were asleep. We slept on the idea. And then, a few days later, our house sold in less than 6 hours to the first person that toured it over Zoom.… Continue reading Goodbye, Hello

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