Staging Week

For the last week we’ve been in…Elmhurst, IL.!8 miles from home. We’re really doing this whole travel the country well so far.

We’ve spent a a week figuring out what can be brought and what needs to be left behind was needed. We’ve also spent much of the week like this:

Whoa boy, we’re going to have to figure out how to stay organized, real fast.

Goodbye, Hello

“We should see if we can sell our house,” we said. “Test the market,” we said – right before drum beat of Netflix. The girls were asleep. We slept on the idea. And then, a few days later, our house sold in less than 6 hours to the first person that toured it over Zoom.

So here we are, about eight weeks later, saying goodbye to our home of eight years. Hello to an open-ended adventure. Hello, hello.

Next week we head East for mountains, farm country, maybe the ocean. We don’t have it all planned out. It’s like mapping an unmapped part of our psyche. What’s life like when you don’t have a plan?

Stay tuned, swipe up, right, left, wave your hands in the air.